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2009-2010 Season
  • 2010 US National Roller Figure Skating Championships, Jul 25 - Aug 8, Lincoln NE:
    Information & Results
    Photos by Callam Sports Photography
  • 2010 Southeastern Regional Championships, June 18-21, Greensboro, NC:
    Photos by Dragon Ridge Designs
  • Skate-A-Way Invitational, May 22 & 23, Midlothian, VA Results
  • 24th Annual Valley Invitational, Mar 19-21, 2010, Donora, PA: Results
  • President's Day Invitational, Feb 13-15, 2010, Wheels Skating Ctr, Odenton, MD: Information & Results
2008-2009 Season
  • 2009 Roller Figure Skating National Championships Photo Gallery by Callam Photography
  • 2009 Roller Figure Skating Championships, Jul 26-Aug 9, Peoria, IL: Information & Results
  • 2009 Southeastern Regional Championships, June 19-21, Odenton MD: Results
  • Skate-A-Way Invitational, May 16 & 17th, Midlothian, VA: Results
  • Skateland USA Spring Invitational, Apr 10 & 11th, Greensboro, NC: Results
  • President's Day Invitational, Feb 14-16, Odenton MD: Results
  • 23rd Annual Valley Invitational,  Mar 13-15, Donora PA: Results
  • The Popp Family skating their first meet at the Chester Cup
  • The Southeastern Region's Website has moved to a new address
  • 2008-2009 Season Contest Dates
  • Facebook logo Chester Skating Club is now on Facebook.
  • Laura Wright featured in an article by The Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Interview with Laura, Silver Medalist - SWC Figures at the 2008 National Championships

2007-2008 Season

2008 World Championships, Taipei, Taiwan  Nov 9-22:   
USA Roller Sports Site
FIRS Site & FIRS Roller Sports TV video
Jayson Sutcliffe's World's "mini" site
FIRS video from the 2008 Championships in Kaoshiung to the Roller Sports TV section of their site
2008 National Championships Results
2008 Regional Championship Results:
2008 Regional Championships, Greensboro, NC    Final Schedule
2007-2008 Figure Skating    Requirements
2007 Pacific Northwest Skate Camp, Portland, Oregon, Oct. 13-15:  Info  
2007 Thanksgiving Adult Skating Invitational, Portland, Oregon, Nov. 23-25:  Info
2006-2007 Season
2007 National Figure Championships:   Results
2007 Southeast Regional Championships: Odenton, MD, June 16-18:  Results
Skate-A-Way Memorial Day Invitational, May 26-27:   Info   Results
2007 Skateland USA Spring Invitational, Greensboro, NC:   Info  Final Schedule
Christiana meet canceled for this year.  See forum post for more info.
Chester Skating Show: "Rolling thru the Seasons"  Video Clips
2007 Valley Invitational, Mar. 16-19, Donora, PA:  Info   Final Schedule  Results
2007 President's Day Invitational, Odenton, MD, Feb. 17-19   Info   Final Schedule   Results
2007 Chester Cup, Jan. 20-21    Requirements    Final Schedule
Skate-A-Way Holiday Interclub,Dec 3 Information   Final Schedule   Results
Ashland Interclub, Sunday, October 29 Schedule
2005-2006 Season
2006 World Championships, Murcia Spain
  Check out the official FIRS site for results and video
  Official 2006 World Championships site
2006 National Championships Results
2006 Southeast Region Championships Results
Memorial Day Invitational, Richmond, VA, May 27-28 :  Info  Final Schedule
Christiana Invitational, Christiana DE, May 12-14, results
Donora Invitational, Donora PA, March 17-20, results
Easter Invitational, April 14-15, Greensboro, NC:  Info
President's Day Invitational, Feb 19-20, Odenton, MD:  Info   Final Schedule
Chester Interclub, January 21-22, Chester, VA:  Info   Results
2004-2005 Season
2004 Roller Figure Skating National Championships Official Results: Standard     Junior Olympic
2005 Southeast Region Championships, June 18-20, Odenton, MD Final Schedule
Skate-A-Way Memorial Day Invitational, May 29:  Info  Results 
Delaware Spring Invitational, Christiana, DE, May 6 thru 8:  Info 
Spring Invitational, Greensboro, NC March 25 & 26:  Info

Valley Invitational, Donora, PA, March 12-14   Results

President's Day Invitational, February 19 & 20, Odenton, MD   Results
Chester Interclub, January 22-23, 2005:  Results
Cavalier Interclub, December 12, 2004:  Info  
Ashland Interclub, October 24, 2004:  Info    Results
Coaches Re-certification Seminar, Laurel Md, October 9 & 10 Info
2003-2004 Season
2004 Southeast Region National Placements 
2004 Southeastern SRSTA Banquet Pictures  
2004 Southeastern Regional Championships Final Results  
Cavalier Memorial Day Meet Info  Final Schedule
Christiana Spring Invitational, May 7-9 Final Results
Skateland Spring Invitational, Greensboro, NC, Apr 9-10 Final Results
Valley Invitational, Donora, Mar 12-15 Final Results
Chester Cup, Jan 24-35,  Final Results
Cavalier Inter Club Dec 7 Final Results
2002-2003 Season
2003 Annual Picnic Information
2003 Standard National Championships  Results
2003 Junior Olympic National Championships  Results
National finalists from the Southeast Region
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